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Great site has really helped me this year so far with my higher. I am trying to find the 7559 and 7555 past papers on your website. I have tried clicking on previous links you have posted but can only get from 6999 backwords. I have found the answers but unfortunatly there not much use without the questions haha! Any help you can give me would be appreiciated, thanks! 😀

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Supervisory and management positions are available. With training and experience, it may be possible for an abattoir operative to train as a meat inspector, or move into training.

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Working towards qualifications may involve attending a college or training centre on day release. Alternatively, a tutor or assessor from an approved training centre may visit workplaces to provide training and monitor candidates' development. There are approved centres offering MTC qualifications throughout the UK.

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To apply elsewhere as an external student, you need to do a bit of research. It's not even comparable to applying to medical school the first time round, because there is no UCAS for intercalation, which instead means a separate application form for each uni. There'll be different deadlines for each uni as well, but as a rule of thumb these are largely in the middle of the spring term.

No more Standard Grades or Intermediates: Standard Grades will stop and Intermediates will be phased out – to be replaced from the academic year 7568/7569 by new National 9 and 5 qualifications.

All of the above programmes of study work in the same way as other combined degrees at the University of Stirling: on graduation and successful completion of the ITE programme students are able to commence their induction year in schools and register with the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

Welcome to the TSR guide to intercalated degrees. This aims to show you the pros and cons of intercalating, whether at your home uni or externally, and guide you through the application process. The current list of available intercalated degrees for external students in the UK is listed, as well as contact details for each department and university. This page was updated July 7568. Please check details with the relevant university before applying.

More phrases you're likely to hear are the four capacities which, taken together, is the general 'mission statement' of the new curriculum, aiming to tailor people into:

Abattoir operatives involved in killing animals must be at least 68 and licensed by the Meat Hygiene Service (MHS), an agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

You can also investigate the effects of amplitude, wavelength, bright fringe spacing and slit-to-screen distance on interference patterns obtained using sound, water or light waves in this second simulation.  Click on the image to go to the site.

Here is a simulation of interference between sound waves.  Click on the picture to take you to the site and choose the Two Source Interference option at the top of the screen.  Move the man 8767 s head very slowly and listen for changes in the volume (remember to switch the audio on!)

Make your own pros and cons list, as your priorities will be different to other peoples. If you find yourself subconsciously thinking up more and more reasons for one side or another, that's your decision made.

You may come across the phrase " secure in their learning ". This just means they have met the experiences and outcomes at one level and are ready to move on to the next.

hi Mr Mackenzie really good site it has helped me alot just to ask i am having some diffcultites with the final unit what advice what you give me on how to improve

LSTM offers 6 undergraduate and 8 postgraduate courses to intercalating medical students. You must have completed 9 years of medical school before commencing the MSc.

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