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The comments and edits made by Sue are exceptional! They 8767 ve helped a lot in terms of helping me express my thoughts more clearly and effectively. It felt as if she was there with me, reading my thoughts and helping me with the entire process in person!

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I want to say thank you, first off for providing such a service. It was difficult having to write a personal statement and then have others critique it, when there is not a clear rubric to follow. I think having to write a personal statement is such an emotional process, and then having others edit it, can be a very harsh pill to swallow. Thank you for your edits, I have no doubt that this process will make my personal statement more compelling and hopefully a more competitive applicant.

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The second level is called 'conventional stages'. To maintain the expectation of one’s family, peers or friends is seen as valuable in its own right, regardless of what the consequences might be. On this level person not merely conforms to the rules but also exhibits loyalty to the group and to the norms that are conventional in this group. The person begins to see things form the perspective of other members of the group, and runs into an assumption that everyone is similar. The person is thus motivated to comply to group's norms and subordinates his or her own needs and desires to those of a group.

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Sue was great! She edited my essay in a short time frame and the comments and feedback were very informative. She helped link all of my main ideas and gave great advice regarding appropriate information for the essay. I highly recommend this service.

Sites and organisations from which students and organisations can purchase pre-written essays have always existed in various forms, but the internet has caused them to expand rapidly for two separate yet intertwined reasons: one is that the internet allows the organisations to offer papers for sale to a greater number of people (and also that students have access to more sites, and so can choose a group which is suited to him and his needs. The other reason is that education systems are asking for more and more from their students every year - most can't hope to complete the work to the standard which they could otherwise attain.

Sue 8767 s comments were very helpful. Her quick turnaround time is very impressive. She responded to my concerns and questions promptly. She clearly knows what to present to the PA school admissions team. I am very happy with her work.

This was the most amazing experience! I felt so confident about my topic and essay after our meeting. Duke got back to me quickly and worked around my crazy schedule. The editing of the essay was professional and gave me insight I could not have received any other way. I only applied to one school because it is really the one I would like to go to the most and I got an interview!!! Thank you so much for all of your help!

Another value that is very important for me is honesty. When you're being honest with people, generally they are trying to be honest with you, so it makes the communication process much easier. I abhor the idea of lying to people just for the purpose of reaching your own goals. Even when he or she succeeds I do not think there can be felt a whole lot of satisfaction from the accomplishment based on lies. Maybe I am sounding too idealistic but I strongly believe that our society would be much better if only people became more honest to each other. Primarily, the issue of honesty is concerned with politics and often we can see many crude and brutal crimes made against humanity, which could have been prevented if from the very start people were not deluded by the politicians' dishonesty.

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I am mind-blown by my editor Carly 8767 s work. My original essay is like an ill-fitting suit. She hemmed and adjusted it in all the right places and now it looks perfect. I don 8767 t think I 8767 m a bad writer, but I don 8767 t write often and I have spent the past 65 years of my life focused on health sciences. I may have never been able to do this on my own. Thank you thank you, I consider this essay service a bargain.

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