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Personally I believe that their access to computer and the Internet should be limited. I have no objections if from time to time they play various games or chat with their friends online, but often it happens so that children start to search for their homework on the Internet and it becomes a bad habit. Instead of trying to cope with the task using their knowledge or information in textbooks, they prefer to find ready answers. It certainly has negative influence on their progress in studies.

The Role of Computers in Modern Life - IMPORTANCE OF COMPUTER

There exists also an idea that computer is an electronic brain that people can rely on. Yeah, I agree that computers are irreplaceable for business people and those who need them for work, for students to study and housewives to entertain themselves, but what do you think about using computers by school boys and girls?

Software Plays An Important Role For Computers

That humans are also vulnerable, and to even older and more highly-evolved tricks, is not usually taken into account, possibly because computers normally lack the ability to cover up or downplay their failures of security.

What role do computers play in human life? - Quora

The man in the street is unwilling to rely on computers because they aren't "as smart as real people". The failure of even the best and brightest of the Republic to make artificial intelligences has permanently stigmatized automation as inferior to human intelligence, period. Anyone will admit that a machine can have much faster reflexes, better senses, and greater precision of action than any human, but almost no one will accept that a machine's judgement can be as good as a human's.

Computer technology has had a deep impact on the education sector. Thanks to computers, imparting education has become easier and much more interesting than before. Owing to memory capacities of computers, large chunks of data can be stored in them. They enable quick processing of data with very less or no chances of errors in processing. Networked computers aid quick communication and enable web access. Storing documents on computers in the form of soft copies instead of hard ones, helps save paper. The advantages of computers in education primarily include:

The digital machine, on the other hand, is entirely free of the hazards of 8775 play 8776 and 8775 noise. 8776 There is no intrinsic limit to the complexity of the problem or process that a digital machine can handle or control. The switching system of our national telephone network, which enables any one of 55 million phones to be connected to any other, is a digital machine of almost unimaginable complexity.

To sum up, I want to emphasize the importance of computers in our day to day life, but I’m sure that if you want to receive benefits from it without harm to your health and activities, you need to use it wisely.

Software:No hardware component can work without instructions which are fed in the form of programming, thus software is a set of programs  written in different languages. These languages may be high level language, machine level language or assembly languages. In order to make computer work programmer should have knowledge of programming techniques.

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