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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 18:52

8775 I 8767 ve got 8776 as in 8775 I 8767 ve got a car 8776 is perfectly correct. You may consult any grammar book if you don 8767 t believe this. It is very basic grammar and is rather shocking that some people on here are not aware of that. It isn 8767 t a good idea to post something on here if you don 8767 t understand English grammar. Some people may be refering to this for reference so please don 8767 t state something as fact unless you are sure.

English grammar - Have got

Thanks Kathy. So the fact that have got is used naturally by nearly all native speakers (I wonder if you yourself have NEVER uttered the words, 8775 I 8767 ve got to pick up the kids from school 8776 ) has no effect on your belief that it is 8775 sloppy 8776 and 8775 incorrect 8776 ?

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It seems that some of you are of the opinion that have got (to mean have ) is just 8775 lazy 8776 and/or 8775 wrong 8776 . Furthermore, it seems that no amount of evidence to the contrary would convince you otherwise. Seriously, please stop spreading misinformation. It 8767 s your goddamn job to teach English as it IS spoken, not as you would have it spoken. English grammar did not come down on freaking stone tablets from heaven. It 8767 s what 8767 s embodied in the actual speech patterns of the people who use English, nothing more. (Side note: Different speech or writing communities have different practices, and there are practical social consequences to following different standards.)


My personal approach to teaching have got (since that was what the OP was originally requesting) would be to say that it 8767 s just a synonym for the present tense of have. Furthermore, it 8767 s usually realized in the contracted form, as in I 8767 ve got way too much time on my hands. In even more informal contexts, it the 8775 ve 8776 can be elided and you get the (cringeworthy, to my ear) I got way too much time on my hands. I would then point out that the usage is primary oral rather than written, and that in essays or other formal writing, it would be better to use have (lest your essay be drenched in red ink).

Finally, gotten is an American thing although there are similarities in the idea with the British have got it is used in the present perfect in American English he has gotten himself into trouble.

Likewise, an American will say both, but will tend to say have more than have got. Certain dialects of AmE will also use the nonstandard I got for I have , but whether this is an abomination or simply a facet of a non-prestige language is another debate.

From Middle French éducation , from Latin ēducātiō (“a breeding, bringing up, rearing”), from ēdūcō (“I educate, train”), from ēdūcō (“I lead forth, I take out I raise up, I erect”). See educate.

For a non-English speaker learning English for the first time, surely it is easier / more straightforward for them learn 8766 I have 8767 rather than 8766 I have got 8767 (which opens up a whole complicated can of worms regarding mashed-up tenses and irregularities etc.)?

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In the UK, it 8767 s natural English to say I 8767 ve got a car for something you possess (no matter when you acquired it) or to express that you acquired something recently.

I got a car is natural for something you acquired any time in the past. We don 8767 t use it as much as Americans seem to in the slang-type sense of I have a car but, thinking about it, maybe I might to do without thinking about it. I 8767 m pretty sure some Londoners with thick accents would do. But it 8767 d sound like bad English.

Please help me , which of the following sentences is correct :
6- Do you ever have time to go to London?
7- Have you ever got time to go to London?
8- Do you have time to go to London this weekend?
9- Have you got time to go to London this weekend?

As an British/English native myself, I much prefer SAYING the (apparently) more 8766 American 8767 8766 I have 8767 . To me, it sounds better.

With regards to I 8767 ve a car It 8767 s another way of saying I have , which you say, so it 8767 s certainly not wrong, but it is used sometimes in what we call 8766 posh 8767 English and is sometimes used by us plebs if we 8767 re trying to make something sound more important (maybe, more often, jokingly) 8775 Don 8767 t tell me you 8767 ve got a ticket for Bob Dylan? 8776 8775 No I 8767 ve TWO tickets for Bob Dylan. 8776 . No-one would say I 8767 ve soup as a stand alone statement, but I 8767 m sure some well spoken chap or chapess might say I 8767 ve soup on my tuxedo/ballgown. Those people are human too and so it is correct, whether you like it or not.

By switching on and off each element you can create all possible verb forms: I work = present so there is no past, no negative, no modal, no perfect, no progressive and no passive, all that remains is subject and verb in the present tense (although the full form still has an auxiliary which we will need to use for past and negative forms I do work).

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