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Overcoming the Present Limits of the Necessary : Foucault

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Alex Wilson Period 6 Defend, Challenge, or Qualify this Statement: *The purpose of technology seems to be solely for entertainment.* Some seem to think that the purpose of technology is solely for entertainment. Parents are teaching their kids to shy away from technology and to use it in moderation. While many forms of entertainment are associated with technology, the main purpose of technology is mostly for conveniences such as electronic financial transactions, advanced medical care

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Apart from the implementation, the CIO should also ensure that all the end users are provided with sufficient training and education to ensure that the full benefit of the system is exploited. Most of the employees are generally apprehensive of ERP systems fearing the change it brings about and the impact it will have on their jobs. The CIO should put to rest such fears through effective communication, constant updates and sharing details of the future plans after ERP implementation. The CIO should ensure that knowledge transfer happens from the external consultants and ERP vendor representatives to the employees before they leave. There should be enough trained employees within the company who are capable of handling the system to ensure it's smooth functioning.

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Since our minds are smaller than the world, the world tends to be more complicated than our mental models of it. Yes, sometimes we think things are more complex than they really are, but far more often reality is more complex than we appreciate. All else equal, since far mode makes us neglect detail, it tends to make us think things are even simpler, thus increasing our error. So far mode is a major source of human overconfidence. From the latest JPSP :

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Another important factor is the manner in which companies manage historical information. As companies grow older, they collect a gold mine of information that can provide valuable insights regarding demand, customer demographics, customer preferences, etc. The challenge faced by enterprises today is to avoid information overload by intelligently selecting available data and presenting it in a way that is intuitively meaningful.

But it would of course be even better if you could see the nobility and glory in doing your best as a limited but well-meaning creature. You shouldn 8767 t need to be absolutely sure of a conclusion to work sincerely and passionately for it.

Conventional ERP helped automate individual departments but did not integrate its back-office benefits into the front-office to help businesses manage people, workloads and supply-chain issues it could not establish consistent control of all the processes of the business

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