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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 04:08

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Same Kind of Different As Me: A Modern-Day Slave, an

I knew there were going to be anti semitic comments here! Study the subject,pick up a freakin book then make an informed opinion. I'm sure most of you have only seen this documentary and that's it. How easy I find, that most people are so eager to blame and hate the Jews. Pathetic! Sick of the pro anyone and anything as long as Israel is the culprit.

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"it’s no wonder people can be recruited to terrorism." - So? That's a common view of leftist Guardian readers sheltered from the horrors and complexities of such a conflict. Very biased siding with David instead of Goliath, because of the view that "power=evil". The same could be said for the Israelis and the way HAMAS and the Islamic world at large act towards them. A lot of Muslims (including those in Iran, including their government) also believe that the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people will hasten the coming of the Hidden Imam.

I have to say, that over the years i was pretty neutral over the Israeli- Palestine conflict, largely due to what our mainstream media churns out and my own ignorance on this topic.

I used to be a supporter of Israel and held it the highest esteem -especially the professionalism of their military- until i learnt the truth. That I've been lied to by zionists my whole life. Their not Semitic - their caucasian.

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In telling this story, the movie hits on a message that is commonly found elsewhere and that appears to express an essential truth. When we get beyond denial and resentment over the conditions of life and death, and accept our situation, it tells us, then life ceases to be a problem and we can become authentic and compassionate. Murray's character makes two such breakthroughs: first he accepts being condemned to being stuck in the same day, then he accepts the fact that everyone else is condemned to die.

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wow what about Palestinian peoples right to live in there home land with out all the bs.. if I came to your house and pushed you out into the streets how would you feel? just cause you are the bigest guy in the room and take things dose not make it right.. i want all children to grow up happy no matter their color.. its like ppl from the stone age fighting ppl from 7595 the Palestinian do not have a chance..look at how much the map has chaged on 95 years.. take and take till no where to go but push back..

To use your logic: you are a demented i****. To castigating an entire people based on their shared religion, customs, nationality, gender, education, whatever - is a mark of an ignoramus.

It would be nice to go back in time and prevent the zionist swine from invading Palestine, or at least make them abide by what was set forth by the international community, but we can't so, we have to make the best of what is without destroying the lives of other human beings in the process. But great idea on getting rid of all the arabs! That is very original, practical, and worthy of serious consideration.

With the help of the internet, I've been able to do more researching and educate myself on this feelings have definitely changed and my sympathies lies very much with the Palestinian people who have forcefully been occupied and booted out from their homelands.

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