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if you said tht a 'man who was honest enough about what he was and was not attracted to says the truth' you admit tht men are themselves shallow. want proof? just walk around in any given location and observe the crude way guys look at girls, or comment to their friends 'how hot' or 'how f--king ugly' tht girl was. women try to not make themselves Rejected, you twit, hence the fact that they take care of their appearance. and DUH insecurities ARE caused by the way that men act, the way media portrays what is beautiful, etc.

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At least with facebook you never need be embarassed to find out someone has opted out.  By the time you get back from the morticians things are well organised.  Of course, should you choose to write a suicide note on facebook and hang around to find out if anybody comments or 8775 likes 8776 your latest communique, the door is probably getting kicked in by the people who don 8767 t really care about you at all.  They 8767 re likely to be the ones to keep their camera 8767 s charged so they can provide video of you getting wheeled out by the paramedics. 

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No, not dead, but living a different life in which I am stalked by the future and all of its uncertainty.  Not dead, but moving around with the feeling that my entire inside is covered in black ooze, an ooze that periodically releases melancholy into my bloodstream.  Not dead, but infected with a million tiny fears and day-mares about how my surviving children may be harmed or killed.  Not dead, but desperately clutching at the preciously few things that I have any control over at all my weight, running, how clean the kitchen is and slowly realizing that I have turned into a secretly weird person (well my wife knows that I 8767 ve gone a bit nuts).  So, is this being alive?  I don 8767 t want to kill myself, but I 8767 m not exactly enjoy this existence anymore either.

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During the past three decades, a flurry of studies has tested the intriguing notion that mate choice and other bird behaviors may be shaped by secret visual signals humans cannot see. Though the premise was exotic, what facilitated this explosion of research was prosaic: Technology got better and cheaper. In particular, the increased availability and decreased cost of a lab device called the spectrophotometer which precisely measures light reflected or absorbed by a surface let scientists, if not see like a bird, at least quantify what birds are seeing.

Consider that procedures such as dental extractions, skin biopsies, and first trimester abortions are done in physician offices every day. They *can* be done in operating rooms (eg. getting ones wisdom teeth out at the hospital), but many people have these procedures done at doctor's offices, and it's perfectly appropriate. Consider that tattoos and piercings also carry a risk for infection, since they breach the skin barrier, yet reasonable precautions ensures this usually doesn't happen.

I have seen a massive increase in what I would call 8775 fear aggression 8776 on the part of the left since Trump won the election. And I actually don 8767 t think Trump is what these people are afraid of. What they are afraid of is the fact that despite the fact that they own most of the media, and despite the fact that something like 95% of the media coverage of Trump was negative (some of it positively vitriolic), despite the misrepresentations they were prepared to engage in, despite their characterizations of anyone who 8767 d vote Trump as [insert your preferred 8775 ist 8776 or 8775 obe 8776 here], despite having their tongues so far up HRC 8767 s anus she could taste their breath mints despite all of that, Trump won.

This is so well put we want the pain to die, the sickening feeling of loss and fear and failure and loneliness.  But all our instincts drive us toward life.  This distinction is priceless.  And worth remembering, for a friend, or for ourselves.

Life is a series of ever increasing torments. If I could fail to wake up in the morning, it would be a blessing. The ONLY reason I am alive today is that I promised someone I care about that I would not actively seek my own demise. At some point in the future, relief from the pain of being alive will matter more than my promise. When that day comes, I will depart permanently. No regrets, no apologies. I hate being alive, and have for the past 85 years.

I 8767 m selfish. I 8767 ve got no friends anymore because of the anger that 8767 s built up in me over the years. When you 8767 re alone all the time you 8767 re all you 8767 re used to thinking about.

I'm circumsised too, but it's putatively hygienic effects are, at best, happenstance. I get the feeling you'd clap a mousetrap on your penis if the Koran mandated it.

I've only watched the start of this but i don't think the surgery seemed extreme at all. quite the opposite of extreme as far as surgeries go. took about 5 mins and only required local anaesthetic. why not get it done?

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