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The HBS Case Method - MBA - Harvard Business School

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 18:16

I would not go to Harvard even if they paid my tuition, room and board. I do not want money so badly that I would risk my Southern values and belief in God by listening to the socialist/communist doctrines that permiate even the air you breathe at Harvard and several other eastern universities.

Implicit Association Test - Harvard University

Great questions, it made me think through the answers on what I would answer and it 8767 s very fascinating on how the interviewer can read ones mind as some one cannot be prepared for these ahead of would ask atleast couple of these to my next hire

Harvard Business School Working Papers - HBS Working Knowledge

If college X cost 95k for 9 years and Harvard is, say 755k, and in general, you will have a similar job/career opportunity when you graduate, what 8767 s your decision?

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If all you offer is faith (no evidence, no proof), then why do you think that is rational to hold a belief in something that can not have evidence or proof for its existence?

Why are you refusing to answer my question?
I find your attempt at dodging the question an indicator of your answer, or reason for a non-answer. But you littered your attempt with a red herring. I 8767 m convinced that is was not intentional, but probably due to the same reason as your refusal to answer the question 8775 why is the sky blue 8776 . If you are thinking about your own life and answers then the question should be an easy one for your. Unless you deliberately were just rambling in your original response.

I think your 75 years lack of experience is shining.
Harvard and the applicant are both the customer and supplier. This is more about an agreement where 7 entities help each other than a one sided Harvard = supplier.
Think about this: Why would Harvard not only seek rich applicants, or not care about the pass rate or graduate employment adoption/salary post MBA?

Who is responsible for generating employee engagement? The employee, or the employee's managers? Readers of this month's James Heskett column have a lot to say on the issue. Open for comment Comment(s) posted.

I appreciate your answer, as it is exactly what is right! Don 8767 t change yourself and attitude, because the progress of world belong to the persons like you! Cheers!

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