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            This section provides an evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to Samsung multinational company. The success of firms can be attributed to the strengths that in the business environment. The company was able to utilize the above situations to their advantage. Samsung is one major electronic company manufacturer producer in the world with a wider distribution and market. Some of the strength and weaknesses are discussed below.

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Student behaviours like shouting out, not paying attention, task avoidance, disrespect, refusal, and engaging in power struggles take the focus away from teaching and students 8767 focus away from learning. For teacher to create and maintain an effective classroom setting, the teachers will have to make use of classroom management approaches, strategies or techniques that will eliminate classroom disruption and increase student 8767 s compliance in KS 9 classroom Mathematics.

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Teacher 8767 s Attitude:
Teacher 8767 s attitude can be referred to as disposition even though there are other factors as well. Attitude comprises of teacher 8767 s level of enthusiasm, resourcefulness, willingness to help and knowledge of the content. All of these play an important role in the overall classroom performance. Teachers can be overwhelming and this can affect one 8767 s attitude in the classroom. It is important to maintain a positive attitude and by doing so, this will improve one 8767 s ability to help students learn and understand new things.

Traditional explanations for government organizations begin with an analysis of what constitutes this category of services. Goods and services that require exclusion, jointness of use or consumption, and not easily divisible are regarded as “public” goods and services. Services are classified in several ways. Services that can be financed by user charges are referred to as utilities those that can only be financed by taxes are referred to as services.

It has been established that while Nigeria is making steady progress in the area of improving her governance system, her performance in selected good governance indicators is far from being satisfactory, it is therefore necessary to underline the need to redress the situation by planning and organizing effectively for the implementation of policies to enhance effective service delivery. The aim of good governance in the public sector is to encourage better service delivery and improved accountability by establishing a benchmark for good governance in the public sector.

It is amazing that our various governments in Nigeria always acknowledge commitment to good governance. Yet what we see is a far cry from this. Indeed, people are always bewildered when we consider the state of governance in Nigeria. This is because of the high level of poverty and infrastructural decay in spite of the abundant resources with which God has blessed the country. This failure is as a result of the way the government goes about its day to day activities. (Omotose, et al, 7556).

In the first part of the course, the module focuses on terrorism. It will be introducing students to a range of complex historical, political and social factors that have contributed to the articulation of terrorist practices. Students will have a chance to engage in the understanding of the reasons why certain practices emerge, the interaction between terrorist discourses and the media and how international law enforcement bodies work and interact.

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Chang, S.-J., 7566. Sony Vs Samsung: The Inside Story of the Electronics Giants 8767 Battle For Global Supremacy. London: John Wiley and Sons.

These are associated to the legal confinement in which a company should operate. Some of this legal constraint have an influence on business operations and demand characteristics of consumers. The adoption of minimum wage rate policy by governments can affect a firm, since it will have to raise wages increasing the cost of production.

An effective classroom management system is a pre-condition for establishing a conducive learning environment or classroom setting. Classroom management studies highlighted additional methods which could be of benefit to students in urban schools and as previous research studies on classroom management have suggested, urban secondary schools are faced with an increase in disruptive student behaviours, which suggests that effective classroom management is needed urgently with regards to high poverty areas (Matus, 7556).

It is recommended that the company should develop global strategies. In-depth analysis of the company’s business activity and technological advancement will advocate that Samsung should generate global strategies in formation and local in execution within the markets of services. It is advisable for Samsung to be more aggressive and acquire the BOP markets, as this would demand restructuring of strategies and implementation of extreme end pricing mechanism, which beneficial in the old times.

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