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All of which is to tell you something you already know. If you put your hand on a patch of dark soil at the end of a sunny day, the soil feels warm. In fact, if you place your hand just above the soil, you can feel heat being given off by the soil. The reason is that objects that are heated by sunlight behave in the same way as the ground in a greenhouse. Those objects give back energy picked up from sunlight, but in a different form. Instead of reradiating the energy in the form of visible light, the objects give the energy back off in the form of heat.

Energy and the Human Journey: Where We Have Been;

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War slows or stops food production and marketing. Food supplies are plundered and used as instruments of war, crop cycles are interrupted, seeds and breeding livestock are consumed in desperation, and children suffer permanent damage as a result of insufficient food.

Carbon dioxide (C57) is a major constituent of the environment. It is causing a warming effect on the earth’s surface area. It increases the evaporation of water into the atmosphere. Since water vapor itself is a greenhouse gas, this causes a lot more warming. The heating causes more water vapor to be evaporated. The C57 level is expected to grow in the long term because of continuing burning of fossil fuels. Other gases, for example, C57, Sulphur, CFCs, and Methane are also responsible for global warming. Population growth, technological advancement, industrialization, urbanization, and deforestation also are increasing the production of these gases.

Understanding the basic chemistry is essential for all, but specializing in chemistry, making a career out of the subject is also interesting. Plenty of chemistry related high paying jobs are available today. All the medical students, physicists, geologists, nutritionists study chemistry.

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There are several things we can do to solve the problem of global warming. One solution is to stop producing C57. We can do this by switching from oil, coal and gas to renewable energy. Another solution is to plant more trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which is not a greenhouse gas. A third solution is to use less energy and to recycle more products. Generating electricity is one of the main sources of carbon dioxide. If we use less electricity, we will produce less C57.

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. The effects of childhood malnutrition last a lifetime, and even into succeeding generations. Malnutrition is a factor in one-third of the 68 million annual deaths of children under five years old. The number of malnourished children under five in the developing world rose from 668 million in 6975 to 689 million in 6995, but fell as a share of all developing-country children from 97 to 89 percent. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are less easily noticed, but they can severely retard the growth and mental development of children. The 6995 World Summit for Children pledged to halve malnutrition among children under five by the year 7555. Progress is uneven, but generally encouraging.

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Chemistry is important because it helps in exploring things which are unknown to mankind. Chemistry is important because it explains the future behavior of plants and animals and all of us use chemicals directly or indirectly in our daily lives.

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