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So now you have 65 reasons why you should start a blog, and we 8767 ve shown you how to create a blog, step-by-step, based on our personal experience. But after giving you those detailed instructions, which could save you the hundreds of hours of wasted time, we also want to give you some good reasons why you should not start a blog. (Keep in mind that these reasons are just our opinions, and we do not pretend to offer them up as some sort of collection of empirical blogging maxims.)

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As a followup to silence or as a standalone, tell a joke to elicit laughter form the audience.  Even for marketing and sales representatives, this can be a way to lighten the room and become more connected with the audience.  Don 8767 t overdo this as it can steer people away from your purpose, but  proper usage of this technique can be effective in starting any presentation.

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To start a presentation you can begin with direct questions to the audience.  It 8767 s a great way to wake up their senses, get them engaged and get you more connected with them.  Jon Marshal did a good job with this point in this post.

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For example, when I started learning German, I already had a working knowledge of direct and indirect objects in English. This helped immensely when I needed to start wrapping my mind around Akkusativ and Dativ cases and how they function.

If you 8767 re going to be good — really good — you need to be humbled. It 8767 s hard but healthy. A little criticism will ultimately make you better. If you don 8767 t experience this, you 8767 re probably hiding.

One place I have taken action is blogging. I started my blog to get practice writing and content for a book. It 8767 s working.  I 8767 m slowly piecing some articles together and coming up with ideas! Can 8767 t wait to see where it leads.

You may have heard the 85-75 rule, which is that if you learn 75% of a language s vocabulary, you can understand 85% of what s said. This is true, but what it leaves out is that the remaining 75% is the stuff that matters. The 85% is made up of common words which form the backbone of sentences but don t add structure, so you ll miss the most important part of the sentence.

I like magazine writing because I can see the beginning, middle, and end much sooner than when I 8767 m writing a novel. I love feeling like I 8767 ve 8775 finished 8776 something. In novel writing, it takes much longer to write THE END.

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